Artists, Musicians, and Presenters


Our presenters, musicians, and artists come from all over the United States bringing their passion to you virtually. Check out the 2020 Schedule.


Anthony Ianni, athlete.  Learn more about Anthony. 

Cheryl Angelelli and Sergio Sanchez, Fred Astaire Dance Studio   Learn more about Cheryl.  Learn about Sergio.  See them dance!

Elizabeth Bauer, disability rights activist.  Learn more about Liz.

Daniel Cascardo, Mural Artist. Learn more about Daniel.  Daniel’s Gallery.

Dave Christianson, photographer, Pop-Up Studio.

Baba Kevin Collins, Kuungana African drums  Learn more about Baba. Baba’s facebook page.

Pat Cronley, Jazz Musician. Learn more about Pat. Pat’s Website

Ebony Grundy and Margie Mascow, vocals and keyboard. Former VSA Michigan Young Solist Award Winners. 

Patti Dukes Jordan, Zumba Gold  Learn more about Patti.

Charlie Martin, Rock Musician  Learn more about Charlie (PDF). Audio of Charlie on Drums with Bob Seger and Silver Bullet Band. Video including Charlie (he’s the one in the chair.)

Tom Olin, Photographer  Learn more about Tom. Photos by Tom.

Corbett O’Toole, Quilter Learn more about Corbett. Corbett on Quilting as an activist.

Kevin Tolbert,  Athlete,  UM football program’s director of strength and conditioning. Learn more about Kevin. UM Bio.

Matrix Theatre, home of the Justin Dart hero puppet Learn more about Matrix Theatre About the creation of the puppet.

Synergy on Stage, Entertainment Interpreters  Learn more about Synergy on Stage. Synergy on Stage’s facebook page.

Joy Van Bel, Chair Yoga   Learn more about Joy.

Wild Swan Theater.  Learn more about Wild Swan Theater. Wild Swan Theater’s Facebook page.

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