Call for Posters

Do you want to make a statement about the ADA and your life? There will be plenty of virtual wall space available to display posters created by people with disabilities and their allies. This is an invitation to create a poster that shows how the ADA has helped you or where it has fallen short. Children and adults are welcome to make a poster.

Did you go to an accessible voting booth for the first time and vote independently or did you face barriers and were unable to vote without great frustration?

Do you go to school and get the materials you need in an accessible format? Or do you struggle to learn because you don’t have the accessible resources you needed?

Did you get a job and receive the accommodations you needed to be successful or were you fired when you worked more slowly than they required?

When you go to your favorite store to shop is the entrance accessible, the aisles wide and customer service helpful or do you face steps, stares, and sections impossible for you to navigate?

Create your poster from anything you want, but it must be photographed and saved as a jpeg, gif, or png. Suggested topics: Disabled and Proud (could be a self-portrait), Disability Rights are Civil Rights (have photos from a political action you were a part of?), Why we still need the ADA (take photos  of somewhere where you or your friends experience barriers) or  anything you want!

Posters should be sent to . 


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