Frequently Asked Questions


All events are FREE, but donations are most welcome.

Access – Passwords

You can look for announcements, check the website, or join the ADA pass program.

You will need to pre-register for each event you plan to attend to get a password to enter.


Purchase a ADA tshirt and ADA every Day Access pass. It will put you on an  ADA Pass email list that sends out daily announcements with the day’s schedule and password’s and upcoming events.  You will not need to pre-register.


Most events will be captioned and have ASL interpreters. Some events will be audio described.  Each event will be assessed for what is needed.

Family Friendly

All events are family friendly.  Many will not be of interest to children. Some will be geared specifically to children or young adults. A few you might want to consider watching without the kids. They will be identified (PG-13).


We are in need of sponsors. These events are created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. The main expense is accessibility.  Accessibility is costly, but is essential for the enjoyment by all.

Official Tshirt

This design was originally created by Dan Wilkins  of the Nth Degree for the 2015 ADA Legacy Tour (a few still available.) We have modified the date, updated the back from civil rights to human rights, and changed the color to blue.  

Back of ADA shirt Available at http://www.TeddysTs.com




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